Girls Workshops

All workshops can be custom created to suit your needs. We recommend a full day as a minimum for our girls workshops. These workshops build throughout the year levels and culminate in girls using the skills taught to be the “Incredible Me” they deserve to be.

GIRLS MATTER! Incredible Me!

It is such a challenging world for our young women today. Expectations, images, social media and pressures pulling them in every direction, willing them to conform and change. This workshop celebrates individuality and the best version of ‘YOU’. Lauren and Kath have taught in primary and secondary schools for over 20 years and have come together to create a series of empowering workshop for girls. Both Drama teachers with extensive experience in personal development, Lauren and Kath felt it was time to give a modern take on the topic of empowerment and self-worth for young women. This workshop is fun and engaging yet takes you on a journey to question and challenge stereotypes in a world of cosmetic surgery, unrealistic so-called role models and social media overload. It teaches girls to see the world through a critical lens and celebrate the best version of THEMSELVES they can be. Workshops can incorporate specific issues relevant to your school or tailored to suit your needs on request. Or let us take the reigns and sit back and enjoy.

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