Primary School 3-4

All workshops can be custom created to suit your needs. We recommend two hours as minimum for our workshops.


A book, poem, song, object, film clip, artwork, any stimulus that we will morph into a drama performance. Any time or era, an exploration through character development and story building. This is the perfect workshop to support any curriculum area your class is specifically studying for example a history or geography lesson. See your classroom content through a different lense.


Students become enrolled into an imaginary world and take a trip through the elements of drama using process drama to any place and time to make meaning of real or imaginary worlds. This whole workshop is about the experience. Putting students in a situation and the exploration of the process through challenging and questioning. The use of voice, movement, team building, dramatic meaning, sustaining role and place and space is explored


In this workshop students will explore storybuilding to make dramatic meaning. The narrative structures of storytelling and manipulating the elements of drama to shape dramatic meaning will produce original and unique stories. An exploration of traditional fairytales from around the world. Students will play with changing the ending or changing it for a modern setting and putting their own spin on the traditional stories. Let their imaginations run wild.


Improvisation is such a fun and exciting way to explore drama. Students love to learn the skills of improvisation such a making and accepting offers, the art of failing in a safe and supportive environment, team building, how to build tension and thinking fast on your feet. It’s a fast paced and fun workshop filled with excitement. Students will also learn acting for camera and narration. The end product will be a team competition of theatre sports, talking to camera and what that means.


Building on Move It One in the early years, students will advance their skills in emotional literacy and apply them to character creation. In Move It One students explored how to move their own bodies and Move It Two is all about using that knowledge to a more intense level to create believable and realistic stock characters.

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