Special Effects Makeup

Laughing Goat Productions offer professional makeup workshops in Queensland Schools. We have a multi-skilled team of industry professionals that aim to connect your classroom and school with the real world by teaching valuable skills to the youth. We have various age-appropriate themes available.

  • Themes for Juniors:
    • Intro To SPFX (8yr+)
    • Superheroes + Supervillains (Prep+)
    • Under The Sea SPFX (8yr+)
    • Combat Theatre (8yr+)
    • Mythical Creatures (8yr+)
    • Come Join The Circus (Prep – 6yr+)
    • Aliens + Robots (8yr+)
  • Themes for Seniors (Secondary & Adults)
    • Intro To SPFX
    • Gashes + Gore
    • Creepy Clowns
    • Aliens + Robots
    • Cyberpunk
    • Zombie Apocalypse + Green Screen Movie Trailer Creation
    • Teen & Adults Makeup Masterclasses
    • Pop Art + Comic Book
    • Halloween
    • Mythical Creatures Vikings


This entry level course is one of our most popular. A two hour workshops that allows students to learn the basics of special effects makeup. Students will learn how to create simple effects such as a bruise, cut, gun shot wound and more. A much loved workshop by all who participate.


Airbrushing is such a wonderful skill for students to have the opportunity to experience. The use of stencils, patterns, colours and fine art painting students can create beautiful works of art. A great workshop for Art students as well as Media and Drama.


In this workshop students learn about ageing for stage and ageing for film. This workshop goes through how to use cream makeup for stage ageing and the intricate detail of latex for film. Some students maybe allergic to latex so we usually recommend that this workshop is done with senior students.


Building on the knowledge of basic wax prosthetic building and airbrushing students combine these skills to create theatrical characters. This is such a fabulous course as it offers students to really get creative. Usually recommended for students above year 9.


Our themed workshops such as Zombie, SciFi and Superhero are the perfect addition to our Drama and Media Arts workshops. Students will learn to use basic spfx to create amazing characters. It will help to really bring their projects to life.

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